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With so many options available, please read this listing carefully and don't hesitate to contact me  prior to purchase if you have any questions. 

Borders options are an excellent way to truly customize your collar and are available for most styles, but are most popular on our 1.5" Double Layer collars. If you are purchasing a collar other than the 1.5" Double Layer, I would recommend contacting me prior to purchase to ensure the border option would work well with your collar design. The Border upgrade is not ideally suited for 1/2" or 3/4" double layer Katmai collars or 5/8"-width collars.

Border options are available in brass, silver or black finish. Your border's hardware will match the hardware chosen for your collar unless otherwise instructed.

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up to size 11-13"


12-14", 13-15", 14-16"


15-17", 16-18", 17-19"


18-20", 19-21", 20-22", 21-23"


22-24", 23-25", 24-26"

25-27"+ Please contact us prior to ordering

Creating borders on embellished collars is a bit of an artform, often needing individual consideration regarding the overall pattern to obtain ideal spot/crystal spacing for a cohesive look. Every attempt is made to create the most aesthetically pleasing collar, and as such, please note that the spacing on the 'Spaced' patterns may very slightly depending upon the collar style ordered. If you have a very specific vision in your head, please feel free to leave me a note in the Special Instructions, otherwise I will utilize a small amount of creative license to provide your collar with the best possible overall look. 

Please note that:

    • As a general rule, 'Spaced' patterns cannot be less than or equal to 0.5", or else they will be considered a 'Close' pattern. 
    • The Extra Wide Spacing is currently reserved for spots that are 2.5 inches or greater in their spacing. At this time it is only available for the 3/16" Round and Flathead Spots and Crystals. If you think this is a pattern you would like with another style of spot, please contact me prior to placing your order and we can discuss your vision.
    • 3/16" FLAT spots are not available in BLACK finish. If you select a border option that utilizes this spot size and also have black hardware chosen for your collar, we will automatically use 3/16" ROUND head spots with  black finish as a substitution.
    • All crystals utilized in the border will be of ss20 size

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