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Please visit our blog on Hardware, which discusses the pros and cons of different metal types/finishes.

All of our brass hardware is solid brass.

Wherever possible, we utilize stainless steel for our "Silver" hardware option. If this option is chosen, your collar's hardware will be stainless steel, except for the following instances in which it is solid brass with nickel or chrome plating (which appears silver in color):

  • Metal strapkeepers
  • Chicago Screws and Rivets
  • Embellishments (rimsets, spots, pyramids, etc.)
  • Lightweight Silver Bolt Snap

We utilize a combination of PVD and black-oxide coating for our "Black" hardware option. As discussed in further depth in our blog linked above, black hardware is plated and can be prone to chipping. As such, we recommend reserving its use for special occasion collars to keep them looking their best. Please note that Black hardware is not available for all collar designs.

We utilize two different styles of buckles on our collars depending upon buckle size and/or neck size:

Example of a single bar buckle. This style is utilized on our 1/2", 3/4" and 1" buckles for most neck sizes.

Example of a roller buckle. These are used on our buckles 1.25" and greater.


We also utilize these buckles on our BRASS and SILVER 3/4" and 1" buckles for neck sizes less than or equal to 14 inches, as they have a smaller profile for more petite necks.