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BIOTHANE Care & Maintenance

In most cases, water and dish soap is all you will need to clean your collar or leash. You can then wipe with a dry cloth and it will be ready for its next adventure. Special care may be needed if your collar is outfitted with crystals or other such embellishments. More information on specialized care can be found in our Crystal and Cabochon & Fancy Oval FAQ.

Additional Care Notes:

  • Do not allow DEET to come into contact with BioThane as it will adversely affect the material, causing tackiness or pitting of the material.
  • In the event your collar or leash comes into contact with an especially smelly substance (such as skunk spray), create a paste by mixing hydrogen peroxide, dawn dish doap and baking soda; allow the collar to sit in mixture, rinse and repeat as needed. This solution is not recommended for collars with embellishments.
  • Do not leave your pet gear outdoors for prolonged periods or in direct sunlight
  • Inspect your gear regularly for signs of wear or fatigue
  • If your pet will have exposure to chlorinated or salt water while wearing our products, we do recommend rinsing them with fresh water after exposure to enhance the hardware/product's longevity.
  • Do not use wire brushes or wool pads to clean BioThane or its hardware

While BioThane is highly stain-resistant and very forgiving of most substances, it is not always 100% stain-proof. Lighter colors are more apt to become stained than darker colors. For especially stubborn stains, you can utilize a magic eraser and/or lemon juice & baking soda to help lighten any staining significantly. For the hardware on your collars and leashes, we recommend cleaning regularly with Brasso or similar product to remove the patina from the hardware, which can leave residue on BioThane.