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  • Black and Brown (Latigo) -- Our high-quality, 9-11oz Latigo leather is truly something special. Its supple-yet-sturdy nature make it a luxurious addition to any project, while its tendency to break in gracefully over time only adds to its charm. Our Brown Latigo is limited in stock, however, as we've begun to phase it out of our product line and replace it with our premier Brown English Bridle leather.


Our English Bridle leather is sourced from two different tanneries, granting you access to two distinct options:
  • Chestnut, English Tan, Teal, Berry, Pink, and Grey (English Bridle) varieties boast a 9-10oz construction with a firmly textured feel. This leather is a worthy investment, gradually softening with use and eventually yielding a supple result that can't be beat.
  • Olive, Eggplant, and Navy Blue (English Bridle) leather is 8-10oz and quickly breaks in to a buttery softness with use and conditioning, making its end result the most supple of our leathers. Due to its softness, these leathers are not suited for rugged treatment. 


  • Distressed Brown, Golden, Grey, Oxblood, Matte Black (Veg Tanned) -- This high-quality, hot-stuffed veg tanned leather is full of character. All of its colors (aside from the Matte Black) feature what is known as "pull up"; when the leather is bent or stretched the oils are displaced and create variations in its hues. Over time, the leather develops a rich patina, providing a slightly rustic and distressed look.

Our Limited Edition notes are periodically updated to keep our customers aware of current stock, however, we cannot always guarantee their availability in all sizes or that these colors will be restocked in the future. 

We try to ensure that all pictures are as accurate as possible, but please understand that there may be color variations from screen-to-screen. Leather colors will also naturally change over time and with conditioning and use.