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Our crystals are a high-grade, man-made glass crystal that refract light similar to that of a diamond. Seaglass is a man-made acrylic cabochon with a matte finish.

ss20, ss34, ss40 and ss48 denote the size of the crystal/seaglass. For the sake of simplicity, ss20 are size small; ss34 are medium; ss40 are large; ss48 is extra large.

By viewing the "Product Description" tab in a product listing you can determine the size utilized in each design. Correspondingly, in each photo below, we denote which size(s) we have in stock for each color. 

When designing your collar, you do not need to feel limited to choosing colors from our "shop staples" shown in the product listing. There are quite literally hundreds of color options available from our distributor, but because the vast number of options available can be overwhelming, we have chosen to highlight just a few of our favorite options in our product listings. Examples of other color options we have in stock are shown below. If you are interested in utilizing any of them in your design, just make sure the correct size in the desired color is available, select "Custom" from the Crystal Color dropdown menu, and leave us a note in the Special Instructions box on the product page.

If you do not see the color that you would like below, we can always inquire about having a certain color special ordered for you. Please feel free to contact us prior to ordering and we would be more than happy to assess availability from our distributor.

For general maintenance, you may use a dry, lint-free cloth to lightly polish the crystals/seaglass. For a deeper cleaning, use a soft bristle tooth brush, gently cleaning in a circular motion. Do not brush aggressively or use this method regularly, as you may remove some of the protective coating on the crystals.

While seaglass and most crystals can sustain exposure to plain water quite well, we do not recommend that collars adorned with crystals/seaglass be allowed exposure to salt or brackish water.

Some crystals types (mostly color-shifting crystals) can lose their coloring after water exposure. For that reason, we highly recommend the that the following stones not be allowed to get wet (Bermuda Blue, Electra, Fire Opal, Heliotrope, Meridian Blue, Silver Night, Tabac, Vitrail Light, Vitrail Medium, or Volcano). We do not cover replacement of crystals due to color loss as a part of our Lifetime Warranty.

Below is a gallery of unedited crystal and seaglass photos, shot in natural, indirect light. If you hover on an image you can click the link in the upper righthand corner to see a video recorded in a lightbox with 5600k daylight balanced LEDs. These images were obtained in an attempt to show as true of a representation of their color as possible in a variety of lighting conditions. If you would also like to see videos obtained in natural daylight, you may also visit our Instagram page and watch our highlighted story titled "Crystals". Please be aware that there may be color variations from screen-to-screen, and there are also natural variations from from stone-to-stone.

Availability of color and size is subject to change at any time. We try our absolute best to keep our stock updated in the chart below as accurately as possible, however, if a color is ordered that becomes unavailable from our distributor, we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange for a replacement color.