Our Story

Sloppy Chops Co. was founded in 2016 on the concept of creating quality, customizable goods for well-loved animal companions. Every animal has their own personality and I want to help that shine by creating one-of-a-kind items that are just as unique as their individual stories.

As an independently owned small business, the goal of Sloppy Chops Co. always has been and always will be to provide excellent customer service to our patrons. Sloppy Chops Co. is not just a place to purchase customized, handmade goods for your pet, it is supporting a culture of unconditional appreciation & devotion to those furry ones that make our lives infinitely more full & enjoyable.

But who is Sloppy Chops?

Carlo, a.k.a. Charlie, a.k.a. Sloppy Chops, is the muse and inspiration for SCCo. Laura and Charlie met in 2006, and over the course of a decade they traveled across the United States together (several times). Traveling with a Great Dane was no easy feat, but as anyone that has sacrificed for love knows, things that are worth it aren't always easy. 

After several years of travel, Charlie and Laura settled down in Colorado and became heavily involved in rescue work. Charlie was an amazing guide for many foster dogs that passed through the household, each one with their own unique personality and special needs. It was while fostering these dogs that Laura began to feel disappointed in the quality and lack of diversity in traditional pet shop products. While staying with her and Charlie, each foster was gifted a new collar and leash set to match their temperament. Unfortunately, time and again, it was the same boring, general products from which to choose.

It was in 2015, while fostering Brutus, that Laura became inspired and determined enough to begin designing goods that could embody the individual personality, activity level & needs of the very special dogs in her life; from customizing product length, color, width, hole spacing, hardware finish and style, making bespoke goods with love became more than just a hobby, it became a passion.

...And so, in 2016, was born Sloppy Chops Co., inspired by the dog that was the incredible mentor for so many, and taught Laura more than she ever imagined possible about unconditional love, responsible dog ownership & developing a trusting, mutually respectful relationship with your pet.

Laura (swimmer) and Brutus (in the raft) participating in a fundraiser event for Athletes in Tandem.


Who are the members of Sloppy Chops Co? 

Laura Aquilina (Founder & Creator) and Brutus, on set at the filming of the documentary film Forever Faithful


Sloppy Chops Co. is an independently owned shop located in the small town of Beulah, Michigan (previously Loveland, Colorado). Currently, Sloppy Chops Co. is owned and operated solely by Laura, but not without the amazing support of her husband, 3 rescue pups (Brutus, Winston and Lambert), as well as a rescue kitty (Durchilita).

Durchilita was adopted in 2001 while Laura was working at an animal hospital. She was one of a pair of kittens that were found abandoned outdoors and brought into the animal hospital by a good samaritan to find a new home. She is now enjoying her golden years basking in the sunlight and sleeping on Laura's head each night.

Brutus is a Rottweiler that is a quadruple amputee and the second-known dog in the world to be outfitted with four prothetic limbs. He is now happy and healthy and spoiled completely and utterly rotten. Laura and her husband fostered Brutus for a year and ended up adopting him in 2015.

Winston, a terrier mix, was adopted after Charlie the Great Dane passed away and Brutus was desperately wanting another canine companion with whom he could share his time. Winston is extremely shy around new people, but a true terrier spitfire around those with whom he is comfortable. Most days he can be found hunting his nemesis, 'sQuiRRelS!'.

Last but not least is Lambert, a mutt of mysterious origin. To say he was a completely unplanned adoption would be an understatement. While volunteering at Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, Laura spied Lambert being carried into his kennel. It was love at first sight and within 48 hours he was adopted and became a part of the ragtag Sloppy Chops family. 

Laura is passionate about dog training and behavior and partakes in various dog sports with Lambert, including rally, obedience, agility, scentwork and lure coursing. In her spare time, she also loves hiking with the dogs, travel, and participating in endurance sporting events, such as swimming and running.