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BioThane® represents the premier line of coated webbing products crafted by BioThane Coated Webbing Corporation, a proud manufacturer based in the United States. We exclusively employ BioThane®-brand waterproof coated webbing, ensuring a commitment to unparalleled quality.


Distinguished by rigorous manufacturing standards, regulatory compliance, and utilization of premium raw materials, BioThane® outshines competitors in terms of UV stability and outdoor weatherability. Notably, not all "waterproof webbing" bears the BioThane® brand or adheres to our elevated standards. Some alternatives may compromise quality by employing lower-grade raw materials or substituting nylon core for polyester. We take pride in delivering superior and authentic BioThane ® products that meet and exceed industry benchmarks.

Under the umbrella of BioThane products there are several subgenres. Each subgenre will have a different look, feel and performance standards. At Sloppy Chops Co. we stock BETA BioThaneBeta BioThane is composed of a woven polyester webbing with a soft PVC coating intended to mimic the look of leather.


This PVC coating makes it waterproof, durable and easy to clean, yet still supple. Beta BioThane is available in two (approximate) thickness profiles: 2 millimeter and 4 millimeters. The difference in material thickness is due to to the amount of PVC coating applied to the polyester webbing and does not change the strength of the material. The 2.5mm thickness is generally preferred for collars and leashes on smaller dogs and cats or where the lightest weight material is preferred; 4mm thickness is generally used for leashes and collars on medium to large dog dogs for a slightly more padded feel. Here is a list of our current thickness profiles for each width of flat Beta BioThane we stock:


    • 1/2 inch (2.5mm)
    • 5/8 inch (4mm)
    • 3/4 inch (2.5mm)
    • 1 inch (4mm)
    • 1.5 inch (4mm)
    • 2 inch (4mm)

      biothane widths