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Leather Goods Waitlist

Thank you for your interest in our leather goods.
Each and every piece is handmade from beginning to end. We cut, stamp, bevel, burnished and paint all of our products in-house, to your specifications. 
Because we want to give each and every collar and leash the attention it deserves, we have developed a waitlist so we are only working on a limited number of leather good orders at a given time. This helps us keep the manufacturing process unhurried and also ensures we can honor our production timeline of 3-5 weeks.
Please sign up below and you shall receive a confirmation email verifying you have been added to the list.  We will be in touch soon to discuss your order.
If you have received an email from us stating that it is your turn to order, please refer to the instructions in your email & ensure you are logged in to gain access to the Leather Goods and FAQ.