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Our leather collars are available in the following widths:

  • ½-inch
  • ¾-inch
  • 1-inch
  • 1.25-inch
  • 1.5-inch
  • 1.75-inch
  • 2-inch

One of the beauties of leather is that you may opt to leave it at the originally selected width or you may opt to have your collar tapered at the buckle. Tapering is a great option if you would like a wider collar but your dog prefers hardware with less heft. Opting for a wider collar with a taper is a great option for many dogs, especially those with long, slim necks, or those with lots of fluff that struggle to have collar seen. Below is an example of two 1.5"-width collars; the one on the left is tapered to 1" and the one on the left is not tapered:

tapered leather collar

If your dog is a heavy puller, we recommend going with as wide of a collar as comfortable for your dog and minimizing the taper. Selecting a taper that is too extreme for a dog's size and strength (such as 1.5-inch to ¾-inch) can result in decreased strength of the collar and stretching.

*If you are looking for a dog collar that is ½-inch width (or tapered to such at the buckle) OR a 2-inch wide collar without a taper, please contact us as we may be able to accommodate your request.


  • 3/8"-width leashes are typically used as a lightweight finishing/precision obedience/conformation leash. This width is not recommended for any size of dog that pulls/lunges.
  • 1/2"-width is our most popular leash width and is considered our "Goldilocks" size. Lightweight and works for small, medium and large dogs; however, this width is not recommended for strong dogs that pull/lunge.
  • 5/8"-width is a good, sturdy option for medium and large dogs that fits well in-hand.

leather leash widths