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MEASURE House + Slip Collars

These instructions are for House and Slip collar designs that need to slide over your dog's head to be worn.

House and Slip collars will generally fit a bit more loosely than a traditional collar so they may slide off and on over your dog's head. Please be sure to read all of the measuring instructions below, as this collar style is nonadjustable and will be specifically made to your requested size.

1)  With your dog in a sit or stand, please measure the circumference at the base of your dog's neck ("A" photo) with room to fit a couple fingers under the measuring tape.

2)  Next, you will want to measure the circumference of the WIDEST part of your dog's head -- this is generally in front of your dog's ears and below their jaw line (as indicated in the "B" photo). Again, you should have enough room to fit a few fingers under the measuring tape. This measurement is imperative, as the circumference of the head of some dogs is larger than their neck.

3)  Finally, please choose the larger of the two sizes obtained from your "A" and "B" measurements. Is this measurement large enough to comfortably slide the measuring tape onto your dog's neck and back off over their ears? If so, good! If not, adjust the tape measurer accordingly. If your dog is especially sensitive to things sliding off and on over their head and you desire an even more relaxed fit to your collar, please adjust according to the needs of your dog. The size determined in this step will be the Collar Size selected from the drop down menu. 

Your collar will be made to the size you select from the dropdown menu. This will be the collar's linear length, not the inner circumference of the collar. If your measurements fall in-between sizes, round up to the nearest 0.5".

This type of collar is not adjustable, so measure carefully and feel free to contact us with any questions prior to purchase.