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MEASURE Tag/Slip Combination Collars

Tag/Slip combination collars typically have a looser fit than a traditional collar. Please be sure to read all of the measuring instructions below, as this collar style is nonadjustable and will be specifically made to your requested size.

1) With your dog in a sit or stand, measure the circumference of your dog’s neck where you'd like the collar to sit (usually at the base/"A" photo) with room to fit a couple fingers under the measuring tape. 

2) Based upon this measurement and your preferred fit, please select the total maximum length you’d like your collar to be in the drop-down menu. 

Your collar will be made to the size you select from the dropdown menu. This will be the collar's linear length from end-to-end, not the inner circumference of the collar. If your measurements fall in-between sizes, round up to the nearest 0.5".

This type of collar is not adjustable, so measure carefully and feel free to contact us with any questions prior to purchase.