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The ultralight Katmai SimpleLead™ is made from 1/2"-wide webbing this is approximately 2mm thick. When paired with the proper hardware, this width and thickness is ideal for cats and small dogs where you want to keep weight to a minimum. The Katmai SimpleLead also makes an excellent backpacking leash for larger dogs when every ounce counts in your pack.

The journey of creating the Katmai SimpleLead arose after being asked to create a service dog (SD) leash that was shorter in length than our Eurolead and had streamlined hardware options and functionality. Sloppy Chops Co. gladly rose to the occasion and worked with several SD handlers and trainers to construct the SimpleLead.

Available in 5 or 6 foot lengths, the Simple-Lead has a snap on each end, as well as an adjustable stopper system of your choice and a stationary d-ring at one end. This combination of features offers many capabilities:

  • 5 or 6 foot leash (depending upon which size you select) 
  • 2, 2.5 or 3 foot leash: obtained by clipping the snap to opposite end's stationary d-ring to halve your leash's length
  • Hitching post: attach your leash around a table leg (or the like) to temporarily secure your dog
  • Dual-control Lead*: snap one end to your dog's harness, the other end to their collar and you have double the security
  • Acts as a coupler* and allows you to walk two dogs at once: attach another leash to the center d-ring and you are ready to be walking two hounds with ease.

    *A training tab may be clipped to the o-ring on the lead to provide a more traditional handle if you do not want to hold the leash directly.

    For most people of most heights, the 6-foot Simple Lead also allows for:

    • Hands-free walking: leash can be wrapped around your waist OR slung over your shoulder; snap an end to the adjustable o-ring to allow you full use of your hands. If you think you may want more length, you may want to consider adding extra length to your leash. The 4 and 5 foot lengths are not recommended for the hands-free option.

    The Simple-Lead will also be equipped with your choice of stopper style: traditional stoppers that consist of a loose o-ring on the length of the lead, held in place between two moveable stoppers; and the dual o-ring option that consists of two o-rings married together. The reason we have chosen to offer two different style from which you may select, is to give options to those that may have hand-strength or functional limitations; it is our hope that providing multiple options will be of benefit to the largest population of people. Regarding functionality, the traditional stoppers offer the added benefit of allowing the leash to function as a slip lead of varying lengths; the dual o-ring option will not provide you with this feature.

    Because we care about the small details, every leash also comes permanently & tastefully inscribed with the shop name on the underside of leash; so you don't always have to tell the whole world where you got your lead from, but you'll know you bought quality, artisanal goods.

    Not sure which hardware to choose? Visit our blog post here.

    Please note:

    • Unless otherwise instructed, all orders which select an Autolocking Carabiner for their snap will be made with SILVER hardware for the screws, d-rings, etc., because of its durability. If you would prefer a different hardware finish for your screws and d-rings on a leash with an autolocking carabiner, you may leave an Order Note at checkout. Regardless of notes, all carabiners will still have a black and silver finish as pictured in the product listing.

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    Solid Brass, Stainless Steel (silver), Chrome-Brass (silver), Nickel-Brass (silver), autlocking carabiner is 7075 powder-coated aluminum
    Embellishment Hardware