The 'Roses & Thorns' Katmai Collar


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Our 'Roses and Thorns' collar features world-renowned crystals that are interspaced with spikes. Perfect for cats and toy breeds alike, this collar has a 1/2" wide buckle and can be made as a single-layer or 3/4" double layer version. Each collar will be accented with your choice of hardware and crystal color.

Each Katmai collar has the option of being outfitted with a solid brass Nepali tiger bell. Tiger bells holds a long history, acting as a protective symbol, worn to safeguard the wearer from harm.

Your collar also has the option of being constructed with a rubber safety ring or breakaway clasp. In the event the collar's safety apparatus breaks, its replacement is covered under our lifetime warranty.

If looking for a collar for a toy breed of dog, feel free to forego the bell and safety ring from our selection list. This collar is an excellent choice for our smallest of dog friends as well. If you will be ordering an embellished Katmai Collar in a custom size 12-14" or larger, please contact us first as a price adjustment will need to be made.

Because we care about the small details, every collar also comes permanently inscribed with the shop name on the underside of the collar; so you don't always have to tell the whole world where you got your collar from, but you'll know you bought quality, artisanal goods.

The crystals shown in this listing are considered our "shop staples" and have been narrowed down from hundreds of options available. If you do not see the color you are looking for on this listing, visit our Crystal FAQ page. Please read all information on the FAQ page prior to placing an order with a custom crystal option.

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1/2" or 3/4"-width / 1/2" buckle
Solid Brass, Chrome-Brass (silver), PVD-Brass (black)
Crystals (ss34), Spikes
Embellishment Hardware
Solid Brass, Nickel-Brass (silver), Black-Brass (black)