Slip Lead Upgrade


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This listing if an Add-On/Upgrade only and does not include the leash itself. This listing must be purchased in conjunction with a leash and it will upgrade the leash to a SLIP LEAD.

S L I P • L E A D
A quick on/off lead for doggy sporting events such as agility, barn hunt, or lure coursing. This lead is also a favorite of apartment dwellers or those that do not have secured yards and need to frequently take their dogs out on-lead. In lieu of traditional snap hardware at the end of your leash, it is replaced with an o-ring. Please keep in mind that the length of the leash will shortened by the circumference of your dog's neck, as the leash functions as both a collar and a lead in one. 

You are welcome to choose the stopper color of your choice, and we will match the hardware finish to that of your lead. If you have purchased more than one lead, please let me know at checkout for which one you would like to receive the Slip Lead Upgrade.

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