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Rivet-on tags are available for purchase in conjunction with a 1" or 1.5" collar style of your choice. These tags will come permanently attached to your collar and are hand-stamped by the artisans at Metal Hounds, known for producing beautiful, deeply stamped tags that will last your pet's lifetime. Each tag is hand-cut and crafted from 14g solid brass or nickel-silver metal.

Please note that these tags are not available for individual sale and must be purchased with a collar, to which it will be attached before being shipped to you. The production time for a collar adorned with a hand-stamped tag is 6-8 weeks and they are not eligible for a Rush Upgrade or discount code usage. 

Please be sure to read the FAQ tab in this product listing to help provide additional production information.

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Solid Brass or Nickel-Silver
Turn Around
6-8 weeks


How do I clean my rivet-on tags?

Solid brass and nickel-silver tags cannot rust as they contain no iron, but over time they will naturally patina. To clean your tags and restore their shine, you have a few options:

    • BRASS TAGS can be cleaned with Brasso or lemon juice.
    • NICKEL-SILVER tags can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water and fine #000 steel wool and/or a polishing pad. 
  • Please DO NOT use Brasso on your nickel-silver tags.
  • Avoid using harsh cleaners or chemicals on your tags. 

What size tag should I order?

  • 1 inch tag sizes will fit on a 1 inch single layer or 1.5 inch double layer collar.
  • 1.5 inch tags will fit on a 1.5 inch single layer or 2 inch double layer collar.

Where on the collar will the tag be placed?

Your tag will be attached to the center of the back of your collar (opposite the buckle), unless instructed otherwise in the Notes/Special Instructions. If you order a double layer collar and select that you would like a rear d-ring, your tag will need to be placed on the side of the collar.

Is nickel-silver made from real silver?

No, the name nickel-silver is a misnomer and is actually an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc. 

Can I customize my tag?

At this time we are not accepting custom rivet-on tag requests.