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For general maintenance, you may use a dry, lint-free cloth to lightly polish the crystals/seaglass. For a deeper cleaning, use a soft bristle tooth brush, gently cleaning in a circular motion. Do not brush aggressively or use this method regularly, as you may remove some of the protective coating on the crystals.

While seaglass and most crystals can sustain exposure to plain water quite well, we do not recommend that collars adorned with crystals/seaglass be allowed exposure to salt or brackish water.

Some crystals types (mostly color-shifting crystals) can lose their coloring after water exposure. For that reason, we highly recommend the that the following stones not be allowed to get wet (Bermuda Blue, Electra, Fire Opal, Heliotrope, Meridian Blue, Silver Night, Tabac, Vitrail Light, Vitrail Medium, or Volcano). We do not cover replacement of crystals due to color loss as a part of our Lifetime Warranty.