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Leather needs regular care and conditioning to keep it looking its best. This means you should invest in a good quality saddle soap and also leather conditioner. We highly recommend Aussie'sPassier Lederbalsam or Bick4 leather conditioner and Fiebing's Saddle Soap. Combination cleaners/conditioners are not recommended.

If your collar gets dirty, you can gently clean it with a damp soft cloth and saddle soap. If your collar gets wet, rinse it with fresh water, buckle the collar to help it maintain its shape, and allow it to naturally dry out of ​direct sunlight. ​Once completely dry, lightly condition with the recommended leather conditioners above.

Depending on the dryness or humidity in your climate, application of a leather conditioner a couple of times a year as a part of regular maintenance will keep your leather goods soft and supple.

When conditioning your leather goods, a little goes a long way. Leather can only absorb so much conditioner before it becomes saturated. Over-conditioning of your leather can cause breakdown of the leather fibers and affect the longevity of the product, as well as issues such as leather spewFor this reason, if you are performing the recommended and usual maintenance of your leather goods, the use of heavy duty conditioners such as mink and neatsfoot oil is likely unwarranted.

Leather will naturally darken over time with use with exposure to your pet's natural oils and environmental exposures. The use of most leather conditioners will also contribute to the darkening of your leather. If you want to avoid leather darkening due to conditioner use, Bick4 leather conditioner is the recommended option.

Naturally, leather will stretch a bit with time and use, especially if ​it's getting wet. Minimize water exposure to help reduce the amount of stretching that will occur.