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When designing your collar, the option is present for collars edges to be beveled and burnished or painted. Both of these options will help to seal the cut edges of the leather and helps it retain its natural oils and also creates a waterproof barrier so the leather won’t absorb moisture. 

When leather is burnished, the edges are sealed by applying friction. The heat from the burnishing tool compresses the fibers of the leather together. We have a laborious ten-step burnishing process that is completed with the application of a homemade paraffin and beeswax mixture to help further repel water.

The option is also available to have your edges painted to infuse your collar with a bit more color or personality. Our edge paint is a high quality, waterproof, nontoxic, water-based acrylic leather paint. The edge painting process takes at least 36 hours to complete and involves several steps of hand-sanding and painting for a smooth and waterproof finish.

Over time, either edge finishing process will naturally age and show signs of wear. Our painted edges resist scuffs and dings and is durable, but if you want to keep the finish as close to it was when it arrived, monitoring your dogs activities to avoid rough wear while wearing the collar is recommended.