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Please visit our How To Measure page for Buckle Collars for instructions on measuring. Take your time and measure thrice, order once. If you have any questions prior to ordering, please contact us as we are happy to look at photos, offer suggestions, and generally assist as best we can.

It is good to be aware that not all collars will always fit exactly the same. There can be several factors that affect a collar's fit such as style, width and overall design. As such, we recommend following each individual collar maker's provided measuring instructions, as what you wear in one collar maker's brand may not always exactly translate to another's.

All of our leather goods are customized based upon the measured neck size. Unless otherwise instructed, the measured neck size provided when placing your order will be the middle hole position on your collar. To provide wiggle room on either side, your collar will have 5 holes total, with:

  • ¾-inch hole spacing for necks 15 inches and over
  • ⅝-inch hole spacing for necks 12.01-14.99 inches
  • ½-inch hole spacing for necks 0-12 inches

If you would prefer a different hole spacing interval on your collar, you can request a change in the Special Instructions box on the product listing page. The wider the hole spacing, the less stress there will be on the collar to distort and stretch the holes, so if you have a strong dog that pulls, selecting 1/2-inch hole spacing is not recommended.

We do try to keep the tail on the collar as short as possible to underscore the customized nature of our collars and minimize a long collar tail sticking out. This may mean that if your collar is being worn on the largest hole the tail may not fully fit under the strapkeeper and will be secured by the buckle instead. The actual length of the tail will vary slightly depending upon the width/taper of the collar selected.