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  • With your dog in a sit or stand, take a pliable cloth or plastic measuring tape (no rigid metal ones) and measure the circumference of your dog's neck at the base. The measuring tape should be without slack but have the ability to fit a couple of fingers under the tape. For fluffy dogs, please measure slightly under the coat; no need to measure directly against the skin. Please avoid squeezing too tightly on your dog's neck. If you don’t have a pliable measuring tape, you may use a shoelace and then lay it flat and measure it with a ruler. If you are utilizing a sewing measuring tape, make sure you are measuring starting at "0" and not the plastic end.

    how to measure dog collar

    • We always recommend to measure your dog's actual neck size, but If you do measure your dog's current buckle collar as a reference, lay it flat and measure from where the buckle tongue connects to the bar, to the hole where your pet wears its collar. Refer to the red arrows in the photo below. Please be aware that unless the hardware, collar material & thicknesses is the same for the collar being measured vs. the collar being ordered, this method of measuring may yield an inaccurate fit.