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Sloppy Chops Co. chooses to work with like-minded individuals that are authentic in their support, professional in the representation, and exceptional at representing our brand and philosophy. If you feel your photography style and pet are distinctly matched to our products and you are interested in working with us, we highly encourage you to apply. There are several options for which you may apply:

- Professional Photography/Videography: This may be a short or longterm relationship depending upon the needs of the company. Please be prepared to send us a link to examples of your breadth of work and your rates/terms.

- Collaboration: This is generally a short-term agreement with micro or semi-professional influencers wherein branded content is created. Please be prepared to send us your Media Kit and terms.

- Team Member: This is a behind-the-scenes group that has intimate and exclusive access to SCCo. product development and testing. Team Membership is reserved for those that have first-hand experience with Sloppy Chops Co. products and are familiar with and loyal to the brand. To be clear, this position is not an ambassadorship and is generally long-term.

If you are interested in working with Sloppy Chops Co. in any of the above capacities, we welcome you to complete our online application.

- Referral Program: If you are simply interested in obtaining a referral code to share with friends and family, we welcome you to sign up for Referral Program.


Sloppy Chops Co. would not be what it is today without the inspiration and support of our Trailblazers. These amazing folks help us to develop, test, and provide invaluable feedback on all of our products. Learn more about each of our Trailblazers and explore their adventures below.
Ashley and Winston & Rose
ashley and her two dogs together on a sand dune


Ashley and her two rescue mutts Winston and Rose live in the beautiful desert of Arizona. You can find them spending their free time hiking, camping, doing agility and dock diving, and travelling throughout the southwest in search of the newest adventure. When not on the go, Ashley is busy working as an ultrasound technician or lifting weights at the gym, Winston is enjoying a nice game of frisbee or being a total goofball, and Rose is cuddled up in her favorite blanket. 

Ellen and Nelle & Louise (@ellenandpack)
Nelle and Ellen get down and dirty in nature. They hike, kayak, climb, camp and swim, putting products to the test. The moved from Missouri to Colorado in search of a new adventure, and have been moving mountains. Nelle's ideal day consists of trail running with her friends and trying to catch those pesky squirrels, although she has never succeeded. This aussie mix is always smiling and ready to try anything. Ellen is just about the same as Nelle but in human form: a spunky gal who is ready for adventure!
Molly and Mylo & Summit (@findyoursummit)


Molly and her two pups, Mylo and Summit, enjoy hiking, camping, and just spending time outdoors -- especially if that includes an incredible view.  Molly got her two dogs while in college at Auburn University down in Alabama.  Now they are exploring Molly's hometown state of New Jersey until they figure out where their next great adventure will take them. 

Molly does have preset pack available for purchase, which is how she begins all of her own photo edits.

Rachael & Willow (@adventures.with.willow)

woman standing with german short-haired pointed on rocky trail

Rachael and Willow live in Upstate NY, and love hiking, running and camping their way across the Northeast! When they’re not out on an adventure, you can find Rachael doing toddler mom things and working in public health. Willow can be found playing disc, chasing chipmunks, and carrying shoes all over the house.

Stephanie & Zambezi (@zambeasti)
I'm Steph and the feisty, little grey beast in my life is Zambi. We live for the outdoors in our fleeting moments of free time. I enjoy the solitude, crispness, and scenery of the mountains and Zambi enjoys swimming in alpine lakes, napping in warm sunshine, and crunching up all the "stidts" (sticks). When we're not in the mountains, we like to dabble in dog sports and hang out with Zambi's other human.