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MEASURE Chain Martingale

Please read these directions carefully, as a measurement instructions for a chain martingale collar are different than other styles:

  • With your dog in a sit or stand, take a pliable cloth or plastic measuring tape (no rigid metal ones) and measure the circumference of your dog's neck at the base (photo "A" below). If you don’t have a cloth measuring tape, use a string and then lay the string flat and measure it with a ruler. The measuring tape should be flush, without slack, and (at most) only a single finger under the tape (prefer no fingers). Please avoid squeezing too tightly on your dog's neck. If you are utilizing a sewing measuring tape, make sure you are measuring starting at "0" and not the plastic end.

how to measure martingale

  • Next, measure the circumference of the widest part of your dog's head; this is generally just in front of your dog's ears and below their jaw line (as indicated in the "B" photo below). The measuring tape should not be slack, but not squeezing against your dog's head. Again, at most have one finger under the tape, but we prefer no fingers.

how to measure martingale

  • Submit these two measurements (both 'A' and 'B') when you order. We shall make the necessary adjustments to your provided neck and head measurement to obtain a proper fit of your martingale.

Standard martingales are not adjustable, so please be sure to measure carefully. Be sure to measure your dog and not your dog's current collar. If you have any questions regarding how to measure your dog, don't hesitate to write us and submit photos of your process and we will be happy to help.

If your collar does not fit, your item may be eligible for a return or an exchange. We highly encourage you to visit our Returns & Exchanges section for detailed information regarding our shop policy. Please note that our martingale collars are meant to fit for safety and not training/corrective purposes. This means that our martingales are not designed to be worn "high and tight" like a prong collar.